I will take steps to meet personally with Mr. Janusz Szymik. It seems a good solution to appoint an
independent commission to investigate this matter – emphasized in the statement the Metropolitan of
Krakow, senior Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz.

On the portal onet.pl, on September 11 and 12, two texts appeared: “Has God forgotten about Międzybrodzie?” and
“Pedophilia in the Church. Cardinal Dziwisz should explain this matter as soon as possible. Janusz Szymik, a victim of sexual abuse tells how Fr. Jan Wodniak – in the years 1984-2014 the parish priest in Międzybrodzie Bielskie – sexually abused boys, including himself.

In it he mentions that he first went to Bishop Tadeusz Rakoczy, the then ordinary of Bielsko-Żywiec, gave him written
memoirs from 1984-1989 and asked for an intervention. In the absence of action, he transferred the case to Fr. Tadeusz
Isakowicz-Zaleski, who on April 21, 2012, went to the curia in Krakow (the Bielsko-Żywiec diocese is part of the Archdiocese of Krakow) and handed it to Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, documents containing the precisely described case of Szymik and his contact details. The President of the Brother Albert Foundation assures that the hierarch also learned about Bishop’s earlier omissions. Rakoczi. Despite this, he never contacted the victim.

Card. Dziwisz remarked that he deplored “the enormous harm that had been done to Mr. Janusz Szymik and I express my sincere sympathy”. “Events that have taken place that have recently been reported in the media should never have
happened. They are contrary to any moral and ethical standards, especially Christian ones, ”he added.

Card. Dziwisz regrets “the enormous harm that was done to Mr. Janusz Szymik and I express my sincere sympathy”. Photo PAP / Darek Delmanowicz

The cardinal also emphasized, in view of the latest media reports, that he did not remember having received any documents in this case. “Moreover, after checking the relevant curial registers, it turned out that there was no trace of correspondence from anyone to me on this matter. In connection with the media report that on April 21, 2012, I was to receive documents on this matter from Fr. Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski in the metropolitan curia in Krakow, I must point out that at that time I was on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land, which can be checked “- noted Cardinal You surprise.

He indicated that he wanted to reliably explain the situation. “Therefore, it seems a good solution to set up an independent commission to investigate this matter. For my part, I declare my will to fully cooperate with such a committee. I will also take steps to meet Mr. Janusz Szymik in person, ”said the cardinal.


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